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EANS-News: OMV Aktiengesellschaft / Announcement pursuant to section 119 para 9 Austrian Stock Exchange Act

Transfer of treasury shares under the Long Term Incentive Plan 2018 and the Share Part of the Annual Bonus 2020 (“Equity Deferral”)

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EANS-Hauptversammlung: Wienerberger AG / Einberufung zur Hauptversammlung gemäß § 107 Abs. 3 AktG

Wienerberger AG Wienerbergerplatz 1, 1100 Wien Firmenbuch-Nummer 77676f ISIN AT0000831706... Einladung zu der am Dienstag, den 4. Mai 2021, um 10:00 Uhr Wiener [...]

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EANS-General Meeting: Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG / Invitation to the General Meeting according to art. 107 para. 3 Companies Act

SCHOELLER-BLECKMANN OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Aktiengesellschaft Ternitz FN 102999 w ISIN AT0000946652 ("Company")... Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of SCHO [...]

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EANS-Total Voting Rights: Atrium European Real Estate Limited / Publication of the total number of voting rights according to art. 135 para. 1 Stock Exchange Act

Atrium European Real Estate Limited hereby announces that at the end of the month March 2021 the number of voting rights amounts to a total of 395829326 voting [...]

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EANS-Public Payment: OMV Aktiengesellschaft / Report on payment to government agencies according to art. 128 Stock Exchange Act

Section 267c of the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB) requires that large undertakings and public interest entities that are active in the extractive industry or [...]

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